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Nick and Loretta have retired and are shutting down their business.
They deeply appreciate your patronage and support over the years
  Since its inception in 1991, three things have set Nick's Greenleaf Gardens apart--
    Nick, Loretta, Chicken
We are a family operation. From the time Nick begins planting seeds in mid-winter until Loretta makes her fancy planters of mums in early autumn, every step of the growing process is carried out with love and care. The results show: Our customers often tell us that they’ve never seen such healthy and hardy plants.
Because we know our products so well, we have lots of tips and advice to share. Whether you’re a novice in need of basic information about what to plant and how to plant it or an experienced gardener with a pesky problem, we always have time to chat and to help you with your gardening and landscaping concerns.
  Vertical Triptych
We carry many of the popular varieties but also are always looking for new and unusual things, plants that will set your yard or garden apart but that grow well in our area. Good examples are our bonfire begonias and variegated ginger as well as our many types of cone-flowers.
Here are the plants we carry...
  Annual bedding plants
Proven winners

Unusual varieties
Fruit trees & fruit bushes
Ornamental grasses
Vegetable plants
Pantry Garden Herbs

We also have...
  A wide variety of garden supplies and hard goods
Fresh in-season garden produce
Pumpkins and gourds in the autumn


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